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 Jasco Products Company, LLC (“Jasco”) adopted this Authorized Online Reseller Policy (“Policy”) with respect to its branded lines of products.  In particular, Jasco determined that adoption of this Policy is an important component of its strategy to properly support internet sales, preserve and protect the value of its intellectual property and its rights therein, and ensure that Jasco’s full line of well positioned brands and products are supported with aggressive marketing, effective product presentation and placement and pre-sale and post-sale customer service and education.


Jasco adopted this Policy, effective as of September 1, 2016. This Policy is subject to change at any time by Jasco in its sole discretion.



 This Policy applies to all Resellers of Jasco products who buy directly or indirectly from Jasco (“Jasco Customers”) and who now or hereafter sells any Jasco products online or resells any Jasco products to one or more companies operating Internet websites on which they sell, or intend to sell, Jasco products.  A Jasco Customer who has been determined to comply with the Policy may qualify to be an official Authorized Online Reseller (“Reseller”). Below are the policies and procedures that Jasco will apply in working with Jasco Customers to support the Internet distribution of Jasco products.


This Policy applies to online marketing and sales activities ONLY. A Jasco Customer currently operating under other Jasco product channel policies should continue to abide by its preexisting agreement as it pertains to stocking, sales minimums and brick and mortar customer services.



Jasco Resellers should meet certain criteria and fulfill certain responsibilities consistent with the Jasco strategy to maximize opportunities and benefits to all channel participants. In order to qualify, monitor and enforce those criteria and responsibilities, Jasco will maintain and promote a master list (“Authorized List”) of Resellers who meet its criteria and continue to fulfill the responsibilities established by Jasco. The Policy includes both key expectations of Resellers and the Jasco commitment to provide marketing support only to those Resellers. Pursuant to the Policy Jasco will provide the following marketing support to Resellers:


  • Access to select Jasco marketing materials, product descriptions, product images and other materials in electronic format;
  • Authorization to use Jasco owned and licensed brands in association with Jasco products on Reseller websites after Jasco’s review and approval of the Reseller use of the brands on their websites;
  • Access to training, support, assistance, resources and other materials that Jasco makes available.
  • Inclusion of links to Reseller websites on the official Jasco  website; and
  • Permission to use and display the official Authorized Online Reseller logo.
  • Authorized Online Resellers will be featured on when users search for Online Resellers on Jasco’s website’s Where-To-Buy (WTB) tool. WTB page results priority will be given to resellers that provide links that feature Jasco specific content ONLY.


Jasco has the following expectations of Resellers:


  • Abide by all laws, rules and regulations in all locations Reseller operates.
  • Support applicable new Jasco product introductions with inventory and promotional activities.
  • Provide live customer support during normal business hours, M-F.
  • Abide by standard freight terms and conditions.
  • Abide by Jasco’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy applicable to products being resold. 
  • Must have ability to fulfill standard product orders from stock.
  • Comply with Jasco standard terms and conditions of sale.
  • Fulfill standard orders in three (3) days or less, Inventory feeds should be updated on a regular basis, and all terms and conditions of Purchase Orders submitted to Reseller shall be met.
  • Provide secure shopping cart and SSL certification for the full online transactional process.
  • May not use any Jasco owned or licensed brand name in a root URL.
  • Utilize and maintain Jasco Brand Standards, trademarks and intellectual property according to the guidelines set out in the Jasco Brand and Visual Standards document as judged by the Jasco Web Team. Confirmation of compliance is required prior to launch and includes the submission of sample pages for final launch approval submitted to:
    • Use Jasco authorized product images and product copy, which can be found under Jasco Assets via the outlined process or on our policy web page (
    • Including all product page: product titles, product descriptions, Jasco SKU#, metadata and Technical Information.
  • To observe the highest standards of fair dealing, positively contribute to maintaining the reputation of Jasco and its channel partners and refrain from any deceptive practices, including but not limited to bait and switch, misrepresentation of product quantities available for immediate sale, or misrepresentation of product features, consumer benefits or operational characteristics.
  • To keep and maintain only up-to-date product information and materials regarding Jasco products on their websites.
  • To maintain certain basic customer service and support functions in serving customers purchasing Jasco products.
  • Must NOT sell product on the eBay auction site or other auction websites.
  • Resellers using online advertising (i.e. -banner ads, Pay-Per-Click, etc.) who include any Jasco  owned or licensed brand name(s) in the ad must use a destination URL that brings the consumer to a landing page whose content features that brand or product name supported by Jasco approved intellectual property along with appropriate product photography and descriptions.
  • To comply with certain other policies and criteria applicable to their websites and their marketing and sales of Jasco products as may be announced from time to time.


Jasco will take primary responsibility for qualifying Resellers and monitoring compliance with this Policy. In order to be effective, however, Jasco will need the assistance of all of its Customers. Beginning on the effective date of this Policy, Jasco is requiring that all Jasco Customers make it their practice to sell Jasco products intended for resale on the Internet only to Authorized Online Resellers. Among other things, Jasco Customers should take reasonable steps to determine whether orders they receive are intended for Internet resale, verify that the reseller is included on the Authorized List, and refer resellers who wish to become Authorized Online Resellers to the Jasco Internet Policy Coordinator.

  • If Jasco determines that a Jasco Customer is selling Jasco products to an internet retailer who is not on the Authorized List, Jasco reserves the right to, among other actions it solely determines are appropriate:
    • Refuse to accept any or all new or pending orders from the Jasco Customer;
    • If the Jasco Customer is also an Authorized Online Reseller, Jasco may remove the Jasco Customer from the Authorized List; and/or take other action as Jasco deems appropriate.

Jasco has determined that Jasco products should be sold on the Internet only by Resellers who comply with the standards outlined above and who maintain their status on the Authorized List. Jasco may from time to time develop, announce and apply other criteria applicable to Resellers.



Any comments or questions you may have regarding this Policy or its implementation or enforcement should be directed to the Jasco Internet Policy Administrator at the address designated below. The Jasco Internet Policy Administrator is the only Jasco representative authorized to answer questions regarding this Policy.


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