Jasco Products has joined forces with Energizer, Honeywell and Philips to create a host of branded electronics for each brand respectively.
First, the company will produce a range of Energizer-branded LED home-lighting solutions–including LED wall, ceiling and cabinet fixtures, outdoor fixtures, battery-operated fixtures and nightlights–for the U.S. and Canada.
“The Energizer brand is known for its innovation, and our equity is strong and growing driven in part by the products sold by the brand. Our licensing partners are a strategic extension of our brand, and contribute to our success,” says Michelle Atkinson, chief consumer officer, Energizer. “We’re excited to have Jasco as our newest licensee and look forward to the value they will bring to Energizer-branded LED lighting products throughout the U.S. and Canada.”
Meanwhile, the Honeywell brand has also tapped Jasco to produce a line of wireless home automation products as well as power and connectivity solutions. The initial collection will include smart lighting and appliance controls, timers, wired and wireless connectivity solutions and power products. The Honeywell-branded merchandise will be available throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
Finally, the company also signed on with Gibson Innovations for the exclusive distribution of Philips-branded accessory products in consumer electronic, mobile and home power categories for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Products include mobile USB and USB-C charging, battery pack products and cables, surge protectors, antennas, remotes and HD connectivity devices.
The Philips product line will be available at major retail stores and online this year.“
Philips is a dynamic global brand that we are proud to showcase for the first time at CES,” says Cameron Trice, chief executive officer, Jasco. “Jasco’s history of providing customers state-of-the-art service and category management gives us the unique ability to form strong partnerships and offer an extraordinary brand like Philips known for innovative, design-forward CE solution products that consumers already know and trust.”