Enbrighten Cafe Lights FAQ

  • Are the bulbs replaceable?

    No, however the LEDs have a lifetime warranty on them. Be sure to hang onto your receipt.
  • One of my bulbs went out. What should I do?

    Contact us and we would love to go through the process of replacing the strand. Make sure to find your receipt if you still have it.
  • Water got into one of my lenses. What should I do?

    If your lenses unscrew you can unscrew the lenses and dump out any water.
  • Are these dimmable with an in-wall switch?

    While the Classic and Vintage Style Café Lights are not dimmable with an in-wall switch, the Seasons Café Lights are dimmable with the included remote that offers 10 different dimming levels.
  • What is the distance between each bulb?

    Each strand has a 24” spacing between each light with a 18” lead-in from the plug to the first bulb and a 6” lead-out from the last bulb to a linkable receptacle.  
  • What are the dimensions of the strands?

    Each individual model has different available lengths. The Seasons Café Lights offer 48’ and 24’ options. The Vintage Café Lights have 48’, 24’ and 12’ options. The Classic Café Lights have 48’, 36’, 24’, 18’ and 12’ feet options.  
  • Can I control all my Seasons Café Lights from one remote?

    Yes, if they are within range and in your line of sight when you are using the remote.
  • What are the lumens and wattage of each individual bulb?

    The older style of lights (non-removeable bulbs) are about 58 lumens and .83W per bulb.
    The newer style of lights (removable bulb) are about 60-65 lumens and .95W per bulb.
  • Are café lights safe to use outdoors? How well do outdoor string lights hold up to rain or hail?

    Only outdoor rated lights are safe to use outside and will not retain water. Enbrighten Cafe are built with premium commercial-grade construction, are UL-153 rated for permanent installations and have been tested to endure the elements such as rain, hail or severe storms all year long. The lights have durable, acrylic lenses that never need to be replaced.
  • Do I have to turn them on and off by manually unplugging the cord? Is there another option?

    For the color changing Enbrighten Seasons version, you can use the remote to turn the lights on and off. With the other styles, if you want to avoid having to turn your café lights on and off manually, the best application would be to set your cafe lights up with an outdoor timer that automatically turns your lights on and off exactly when you want every day.
  • How many strands of outdoor string lights can be linked together?

    You can safely link up to 750 feet of Enbrighten Café lights.