GE 2-Outlet 2-USB Charging Wall Tap with Surge Protection, White

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Double up on power with the GE 2-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap. Featuring two grounded outlets and two USB ports, the plug-in transforms your regular outlet into an efficient, multi-purpose charging station. The wall tap’s versatile outlet options reduce the need for charging bricks and adapters, clearing your charging station of any added bulk and increasing portability. Utilize the wall tap in your home or office as a permanent place to power your devices or keep it handy for when you’re on-the-go. Consolidate your power to a single outlet with the GE 2-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap.
Brand GE
Color White
UPC 030878371445
Outlets 2
Power Type Surge Protectors, USB Chargers, Wall Chargers
USB Ports 2