OKLAHOMA CITY, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jasco, a leader in the lighting and connected-home industries, is announcing a major expansion to its Enbrighten line of Wi-Fi smart home products – Eternity Lights. These smart home-connected, outdoor permanent lights are built to make your home’s lights an extension of your personality. Perfect for every holiday, sporting event, season, or year-long accent lighting, Eternity Lights are where lighting meets lifestyle - designed to stay up year-round and offer endless color combinations, dynamic modes, customizable effects, and more.

Built to last a lifetime, Eternity Lights meet ETL safety certification and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for outdoor lighting, with an all-weather rating that ensures year-round enjoyment in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 131°F. Whether you're adorning your eaves, pergola, balcony, or any other outdoor space, Eternity Lights provide the perfect lighting solution. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, further ensuring that your outdoor lighting investment is built to endure the tests of time.

“We designed Enbrighten Eternity Lights to provide tunable, dimmable white light year-round to match other lights and personal taste,” said Jasco CEO Cameron Trice. “From cooler daylight to very warm ambient tones and everything in between - while also being infinitely customizable for holidays, celebrations, games, and other special occasions - Enbrighten’s Eternity Lights do exactly that. They’re a highly energy-efficient integrated LED system designed to last a lifetime, eliminating the costs of recurring holiday setups and teardowns.”

Enbrighten Eternity Lights boast state-of-the-art RGBWIC LEDs, ensuring vivid true-color illumination across a full spectrum of rich hues. Available in both sleek black and classic white strands, these lights offer versatility to seamlessly integrate with any outdoor decor scheme, while dimmable functionality allows you to effortlessly set the perfect ambiance.

Enbrighten Eternity Lights seamlessly integrate with Alexa and Google, offering unparalleled convenience and control. With voice commands, you can effortlessly adjust colors, set schedules, and activate presets, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance with a simple phrase. Additionally, you can highlight your landscaping, illuminate your patio, or set the mood for a cozy evening gathering. With Eternity Lights and your preferred smart assistant, bringing your outdoor lighting vision to life has never been easier or more intuitive.

The all-in-one kit includes 50 feet of white strands totaling 36 LEDs, or 100 feet of white strands totaling 76 LEDs - along with patent-pending mounting brackets permanently screwed in place. The kits are also equipped with screws, cord clips, 3M VHB tape, a power supply with a 20ft. cable, and a 10ft. extension cable. With easy DIY installation, simply snap the lights into the mounting brackets, secure them with screws and high-quality tape, cut to your desired length, and customize the layout of your dreams. Additional strands, extension cables, and accessories are available for purchase, and with a maximum length of 200 feet, Eternity Lights offer unlimited possibilities for transforming your outdoor space.

With the Enbrighten app as your guide, the canvas of your outdoor landscape becomes a playground of color and creativity. Dive into a palette of millions of hues, experiment with dynamic modes and effects, and craft scenes that reflect every mood and occasion. Create custom templates so you can easily switch from accent lighting to holiday lighting with the press of a single button. Whether it's a quiet evening or a festive celebration with friends, Eternity Lights adapt and evolve with you, illuminating the moments that matter most.

Enbrighten’s Eternity Lights are now available from Enbrightenme.com and Amazon at a price of $159.99 for 50 feet and $249.99 for 100 feet. And, like always, when making an Enbrighten purchase, 50% of net profits are donated to charities that help humanitarian causes that change and save lives around the world.

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To learn more about the Enbrighten Wi-Fi product line, please visit Enbrighten’s website at www.enbrightenwifi.com.


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