Top Solutions for Your Resolutions

If you are one of the many people following the new year trend of home improvement, find the inspiration you need to take action in your space with these simple DIY additions to improve life in the home.

Patio and Outdoor Lighting

New year, new curb appeal! See your home in a new light with top-rated LED landscape and cafe lighting for your porches, patios, flowerbeds and more.

Ceiling Lighting

Whether you’re renovating, establishing a new look or simply looking for ways to enhance your existing décor, find the perfect fixture for entryways, hallways, living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and much more.

Smart Lighting Controls

Looking to cut costs and start saving this year? By installing smart lighting controls, you save year-round on energy costs from a one-time effort. 

Indoor Timers

The new year is a great time to change your schedule. Whether you’re waking up early to hit the gym or committed another goal, adding automation to your day makes the transition easier.

Under Cabinet Lights

A sleek and modern style is right at your fingertips with LED under cabinet lights. Whether you prefer sophisticated accent lighting or something more practical, effortlessly install a variety of pucks, bars and LED strips to your kitchen, cabinets, countertops, shelving and more.

TV Mounts and Antennas

If you scored a new TV for the holidays, or even if you didn’t, now is a great time to make the entertainment space shine. Mounting your TV and adding a lighting feature are two quick DIY projects that can make a huge difference in your living room or home theatre.

Universal Remotes

Another room that often needs organizing is your living room. Pair all of your home entertainment devices to one universal remote all while keeping up the aesthetic of the room with many color options.

Extension Cords

If getting organized is your goal for the New Year then we have the perfect products that will help you to achieve this goal in at least one aspect of your life, your home. Quickly transform your workspace by having one charging station and ditch the spider web of cords underneath your desk.

Amber Lighting

A healthier you starts with better sleep. Combat the negative effects of blue light exposure and help to improve your sleep with warm, amber lighting in your bedroom with our WiFi products SmartCycle features.