Philips 50 ft. Speaker Wire, Gold

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Make a sound decision with the Philips 50 ft. 18 Gauge Speaker Wire. Link your home stereo or home theater system to speakers for an enhanced listening experience. The direct connection of the home audio speaker wire is ideal for household use to transfer crystal-clear sound for dynamic, consistent performance. Color-coded speaker wires ensure simple installation by making it easy to match polarized terminals on the receiver and speaker. A durable, clear coating protects the wires from everyday wear and allows continuous identification of positive and negative connections for the entire length of the wire. The universal design works with all brands of audio-video equipment that use 18 gauge wire. Allow sound to surround you with the Philips 50 ft. 18 Gauge Speaker Wire.
Brand Philips
Color Gold
Cord Length 50
UPC 030878391948