Philips Universal HDMI Kit, Black

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Create the ultimate media experience at home with a Philips Universal HDMI Kit. The kit provides versatile HDMI connectivity to laptops, tablets, cameras and more. Featuring a 6ft. HDMI cable, an HDMI-to-mini HDMI adapter and a HDMI-to-micro HDMI adapter, the kit allows you to mirror or stream high-definition video content straight from all of your devices to your HDTV, computer monitor and other HDMI-enabled equipment.                To use the HDMI cable, simply use it to connect your TV to your DVD/Blu-ray player, streaming device, DVR, game console or other HDMI-enabled device to display a clear picture with richer, more vibrant colors designed to enhance your digital experience. The HDMI cable includes high-definition audio and video in one connection, 1080p & 4K Ultra HD, lossless surround sound and premium gold-plated contacts for the best connection. Additionally, the durable, 6ft. cable provides numerous setup options for a variety of spaces.      The adapters make it possible to connect smaller devices to your HDTV – use the micro or mini HDMI adapters to display content from laptops, DSLR cameras and HD camcorders, as well as a number of Android tablets. The pocket-sized adapters come in handy for a number of occasions and travel easily – bring them to display your digital presentation at a business meeting or take them along for movie night at a friend’s house.          Give your home entertainment system a boost with a Philips Universal HDMI Kit.
Brand Philips
Color Black
Cord Length 6
UPC 030878392433
Cable Connector Type HDMI