Are You Ready for the Next Big Storm? Jasco offers a lineup of GE branded products to help you prepare.

Oklahoma City, OK — 

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, personal security and surveillance products, gets consumers ready for the summer storm season with GE branded lanterns and other emergency ready products.

“Storm season can be overwhelming for consumers,” said Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “That’s why with every lantern and storm-ready product, we make sure consumers are purchasing durable and dependable products they can rely on in any emergency.”

Jasco’s line of GE branded lanterns and emergency products provide consumers with smart solutions for emergency preparedness. A must-have for every emergency kit is the GE DynaBEAM™ LED Lantern (MSRP $49.99). The energy-efficient lantern powers its ultra-bright LEDs in four different ways. Simply use the wind up generator, the internal rechargeable battery, the plug-in AC adapter (included) or DC automatic adapter (included). The GE DynaBEAM LED Lantern’s wind-up generator system offers maximum dependability. A quick wind provides up to 20 minutes of light on the lowest setting. The unit is equipped with two light settings (low or high) that allow users to select the right amount of light. The built-in emergency siren makes the GE DynaBEAM LED Lantern a valuable auditable locator for any emergency situation. The space-saving pop-up design makes it the perfect companion to grab and go quickly, or to store away in your emergency kit.

Don’t forget to add the GE Rechargeable LED Power Failure Night Light (MSRP $19.99) to your emergency kit. The night light instantly becomes a portable charged flashlight when the power goes out. Homeowners can simply remove it from the wall and take it with them when needed. During regular use, this innovative LED night light emits a soft glow that is perfect for guiding you through the night.

Also, be sure to always have on hand a battery-powered radio, bottled water, first aid kit, prescription drugs, non-perishable food items and a small bag of other essential items. To learn more and to see the full lineup of Jasco’s GE branded LED lights and lanterns, visit


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Jasco Products Company LLC is a leader in the design, development, marketing and distribution of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories and home electrical products. Jasco holds an exclusive license for GE-branded products in these categories. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company. For more information, please visit