Jasco Introduces New GE Branded Home Theater Accessories

Las Vegas, NV — 

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, personal security and surveillance products, kicks off the 2013 International CES (Central Hall/Booth 9005) today by showcasing several new GE branded digital antennas and DVR remotes.

“We focused on improving design and ergonomics to allow our products to shine in the over saturated home theater market,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “We constantly strive to innovate the antenna category for today’s digital era, creating unprecedented digital reception. Our new line of antennas are meant to be stylish yet functional. The line includes unique shapes and high gloss finishes, giving the consumer a reason to show off their antenna instead of hiding it. Our new line of DVR remotes give consumers total control of all of their home theater equipment in one convenient device and includes unique features like programmable favorite channel buttons.”

If you are looking for stylish digital antenna solutions for your home theater décor, check out the new GE branded digital antennas, which are available in a variety of distinctive shapes like router and flat panel. High gloss and brushed metal finishes add instant style and easily blend in with modern TVs. Place these slim low-profile antennas below or behind any flat screen TV for the ultimate HDTV signal. Enhanced HD picture and sound is at your fingertips in only a few minutes. Simply connect the coax cable from the antenna to your set top box, then from your set top box directly to your TV.

Stay in full control of original DVR features like recording shows, managing your scheduled programs, turning on/off parental controls, searching On-Demand and more! New GE branded DVR remotes are the perfect companion for the savvy DVR user. The intelligent button configuration is designed with finger navigation in mind to allow for quick access to advanced DVR buttons like the DVR list button and live TV button while using your DVR. Customize your home entertainment experience by utilizing the programmable favorite channel buttons for instant access to your favorite shows. The slim ergonomic designs feature high gloss and matte black finishes with bright blue LED backlit buttons. The advanced programming capability easily manages popular name brand home theater equipment from one device that is easy for the whole family to use.

The new line includes:

  • 4 Device DVR Remote (MSRP $14.99)
  • 6 Device DVR Remote with Programmable Favorite Channel Buttons (MSRP $9.99)
  • 8 Device DVR Remote with Programmable Favorite Channel Buttons (MSRP $15.99)
  • Router Antenna (MSRP $40.00)
  • Flat Panel Antenna (MSRP $19.99)

Be sure to check out the new line of GE branded DVR antennas and remotes at booth 9005 at CES 2013. Also, view Jasco’s entire line of GE home theater accessories at www.jascoproducts.com/ge.


About Jasco
As a GE licensee, Jasco Products develops, markets, and distributes Consumer Electronic Accessories, PC Accessories, Home Electric Products, and Personal Security & Surveillance Products under GE logo. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company. For more information, please visit www.jascoproducts.com/ge.