Jasco Introduces SunSmart™ Digital Timers

Oklahoma City, OK — 

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, and personal security and surveillance products, today introduced several new GE SunSmart™ Timers.

“The SunSmart technology is truly unique,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “One of the most novel features is its ability to track sunrise and sunset times in your area throughout the year. Consumers can program the timer based on these times and it will automatically adjust – even during daylight savings time.”

The new SunSmart Timers (MSRP $19.99 - $49.99) join Jasco’s robust line of digital, mechanical, in-wall, plug-ins and box timers. The smart, easy-to-program timers allow consumers to replace standard wall switches, and bulky plug-ins, for complete control of indoor and outdoor lights that may be left on for extended periods – saving both energy and money!

The timers work with traditional incandescent lights, but also with newer energy-efficient technologies like CFL and LED lights. With advanced SunSmart technology built in, these slim and sleek timers are great for automating your lights for greater security, or simply to welcome you home at the end of the day. Easily set one or multiple on/off setting each day of the week – up to seven individual weekly programs are available! Get more information on GE timers at www.jascoproducts.com/timer.

SunSmart Technology:

  • Tracks sunrise and sunset timers in your area throughout the year.
  • Allows you to program on/off based on sunset/sunrise times, and then adjusts automatically throughout the year.
  • You can also program set on/off times for each day of the week, daily cycles or weekday-weekend cycle.
  • Automatically adjusts when there is a daylight savings time change in your area.
  • A random security feature is included that randomly varies on/off times to help give your home a lived-in look while you’re away.


About Jasco
As a GE licensee, Jasco Products develops, markets, and distributes Consumer Electronic Accessories, PC Accessories, Home Electric Products, and Personal Security & Surveillance Products under the GE logo. GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. For more information, please visit www.jascoproducts.com.