Jasco Products Company and GE Lighting Solutions Enter Into License Agreement for Remote Phosphor Lighting Applications


Jasco Products Company is pleased to announce today that it has entered into an agreement with GE Lighting Solutions, LLC, a business unit of GE Lighting, granting Jasco a license to a pioneering portfolio of patents relating to remote phosphor applications in LED-based lighting. Cutting edge remote phosphor technology is a core element of a new line of highly efficient Enbrighten™ lighting products distributed by Jasco. Enbrighten™ products will deliver unprecedented energy efficiency while providing the lumen output, color stability and dispersion range consumers enjoy with incandescent lighting.

“This technology takes LED lighting to the next level. Consumers want the color stability and light dispersion they have come to expect from incandescent lighting combined with the energy savings and long-life LED technology provides,” stated Cameron Trice, President and CEO of Jasco Products Company. “Enbrighten™ products using remote phosphor technology will provide all these benefits and more in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.”

Jasco will begin distribution of the Enbrighten™ lighting products in late summer. “Our consumer research shows us the demand for energy efficient lighting solutions that outperform traditional white LED systems but incorporate the efficiency and long-life benefits is growing exponentially” said Trice, “Jasco is excited to continue working with GE to provide innovative lighting solutions that exceed consumer expectations.”