Jasco Unveils GE Branded LED Intelligent Charge Station at CES 2013

Las Vegas, NV — 

Jasco Products Company today unveils the GE LED Intelligent Charge Station at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Central Hall/Booth 9005).

The GE LED Intelligent Charge Station (MSRP $24.99) is designed to cover unsightly outlets. With the addition of two USB ports located on the sides, the device supports USB charging of smartphones, tablets and more. While charging, energy-efficient LEDs illuminate the panel red. When the device has finished charging, the panel will turn green to indicate the device is fully charged. The device also works as a night-light if the USB ports are free and will illuminate the panel with a soft blue glow. Chrome accents and a minimalistic design reflect modern day home décor and look great in any room.

“The GE LED Intelligent Charge Station combines the convenience of USB and energy-efficient LED technology into one,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “It’s among the first in the market with an intelligent charging indicator of its kind. Since most charging indicators are on the accessory itself, there is typically no way of knowing if the device is fully charged. The Intelligent Charge Station covers outlets with a decorative low-profile night light and offers visibility at night, great for maneuvering in the dark. The large charging indicator light will also provide convenience as an at-a-glance visual alert if the device is finished charging.”

The GE LED Intelligent Charge Station is made from durable polycarbonate materials that exhibit outstanding impact strength, provide good electrical insulation performance and produce excellent optical transparency properties. Short circuit protected USB 2.0 outlets supply up to 12 watts of low-ripple USB charging power consistent with USB 2.0 dedicated charger specifications. Processor technology evaluates charging currents and controls charging status indicators of the night light. The Intelligent Charge Station is UL listed for electrical safety and is available in black or white housing.

For more information on GE branded charging solutions from Jasco, visit www.jascoproducts.com/ge.


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