New GE Branded Line of USB Power Solutions with Surge Protection

Las Vegas, NV — 

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, personal security and surveillance products, introduced a new line of GE branded USB power solutions with surge protection options at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show.

“Over the past few years, there has been a fast growth of multiple iOS devices in the home and office,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “We wanted to expand our line of USB power items so you can provide instant power to all of your devices at once. Surge protection gives the consumer peace of mind that their favorite devices will not fall victim to surges or spikes.”

GE branded wall chargers with USB power offer user-friendly designs, bringing a high-tech solution to the home or office. Durable mobility means instant power for your laptop or Apple® devices while traveling. The new line includes USB power solutions with a bright LED light indicating charging status. The intelligent LED charging indicator senses when devices are charging and shines red when charging your devices, green when devices are charged and blue when idle, providing over-charging protection. The LED charging indicator light guarantees your devices receive power when they need it so they are always ready to use at a moment’s notice. GE branded wall chargers with USB power also offer the option of surge protection, protecting all outlets and USB ports and safeguarding your devices from power surges.

CES attendees will have a chance to experience the new line firsthand by charging their mobile devices at the charging station located within the booth.

The new line includes:

  • 1 Outlet, 1 USB Tap – 1.0A (MSRP $10.99)
  • 1 Outlet, 1 USB Tap – 150 Joules - 1.0A (MSRP $12.99)
  • 1 Outlet, 2 USB Tap – 2.1A (MSRP $12.99)
  • 2 Outlet, 2 USB Tap with Folding Travel Plug – 2.1A (MSRP $19.99)
  • 2 Outlet, 2 USB Tap – 450 Joules – 2.1A (MSRP $19.99)
  • 2 Outlet, 3 USB Tap – 3.1A (MSRP $27.99)
  • 4 Outlet, 4 USB Tap – 800 Joules – 4.2A (MSRP $29.99)

Be sure to check out the new line and charging station at booth 9005 at CES 2013. Also, view Jasco’s entire line of GE USB power solutions at


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