Smart Security Made Simple New GE LED Security Spotlight with Smartrack Technology

Las Vegas, NV — 

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, personal security and surveillance products, kicks off the 2011 International CES (Central Hall/Booth 9005) today by introducing a simple and affordable why to safeguard your home, the new GE LED Security Spotlight with Smartrack Technology.

“The new LED Security Spotlight is ideal for homeowners looking for a simple way to effectively monitor outdoor areas of their homes,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product
Development. “The sophisticated Smartrack Technology ensures quick activation and monitoring that is reliable and affordable – it’s a great addition to any home security system.”

The new GE LED Security Spotlight has everything you need to effectively track, light and monitor your home using advanced Smartrack Technology. Dual motion sensors easily detect motion up to 180° field of view. When movement is detected, the slim housing containing four High Brightness LEDs rotates toward the movement to track activity. The high-powered LEDs produce more light output than a 60W halogen making it easier to ward off potential intruders. Two models will be on display – one contains a decoy camera and the other contains a built-in wireless camera, compatible with GE Wireless Surveillance Systems, which automatically monitors activity when movement is detected. Also included is an intelligent creep detection feature located at the bottom of the spotlight that monitors and lights movement below the fixture.

The innovative GE Motion Tracking LED Security Light features a weather-resistant, cylindrical shape that provides minimum wind resistance for durable outdoor use. In addition to presenting a very small footprint to reduce accumulation of ice and snow, the unique shape also allows for concentric dual PIRs operation and perfect alignment of the light housing rotation. The design of the base allows for both wall and under an eve attachment, and is capable of mounting to any residential lighting box. The remote control feature allows homeowners to manually position the light as well as adjust the brightness levels – making it a great temporary recreational light. The long-life LEDs and low voltage operation mean low maintenance and low power consumption (MSRP $249.99).


About Jasco
As a GE licensee, Jasco Products develops, markets, and distributes Consumer Electronic Accessories, PC Accessories, Home Electric Products, and Personal Security & Surveillance Products under the GE logo. GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. For more information, please visit