T-Tech by Tumi Showcases Conductive Stylus at Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Las Vegas, NV — 

Jasco Products Company ushers in the 2013 International CES (Central Hall/Booth 9005) today by showcasing the new T-Tech by Tumi Conductive Stylus.

Tap, touch or swipe through your favorite apps, music and more with T-Tech by Tumi Conductive Stylus (MSRP $20.00). The stylus features a patented conductive microfiber tip that allows for an ultra-responsive experience on any capacitive touch screen device without leaving messy fingerprints behind. The microfiber materials leave no streaking or scratching and ensure the stylus is highly durable and more responsive than a typical rubber tipped stylus on the market. The microfiber tip requires minimal pressure and lets the user enjoy a fluid yet solid gliding interaction across screens and screen protectors. Reduced tip size means quick reaction times and improved accuracy. Perfect for writing emails or browsing the web on your smartphone or tablet.

“Advances in mobile technology simplify our everyday interactions,” said Cameron Trice, Jasco Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development. “These new conveniences require more precise inputs that enhance user experience. The T-Tech by Tumi Conductive Stylus adapts to the consumer’s needs by providing an ergonomically designed stylus that offers a natural and intuitive experience with pinpoint accuracy, perfect for writing, signing, sketching and navigating through today’s digital world.”

Stylish black and metal accents surround this unique premier writing instrument. The pen-shaped tool is the ideal length and weight and is engineered with an easy grip barrel design. A convenient clip allows the stylus to be neatly stored away into a briefcase or shirt pocket. This advanced stylus technology is designed as a solution for your everyday touchscreen needs.

For more information on the T-Tech by Tumi Electronics line,

visit www.jascoproducts.com/t-techelectronics.


About Jasco
Designed for the “brand-formists”, T-Tech by Tumi offers a sense of modernity and relevant design to the consumer that embraces a more casual business style. The T-Tech by Tumi brand provides a low-touch balance to a high-tech lifestyle as seen in its collections, materials and overall aesthetic. Delivering innovative silhouettes, exclusive hardware and real-world functionality T-Tech by Tumi appeals to the consumer that is consciously aligned with the latest trends. T-Tech by Tumi maintains Tumi’s unparalleled heritage of quality, customer service and dependability but with a more youthful, trend driven attitude. For more information, please visit www.jascoproducts.com/t-techelectronics.