GE SleepLite 2-Color Dimmable LED Night Light, White

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Sleep soundly with a GE Amber/White LED Dimmable SleepLite. The SleepLite’s LEDs distribute a tranquil nighttime glow without the blue wavelengths that disturb your body’s natural sleep cycle. The blue light emitted by our electronic screens – including tablets, phones, computers and televisions – can suppress the body’s production of melatonin (or the “sleep hormone”), meaning exposure to excessive LED blue light at night can disrupt our natural internal clocks. The SleepLite yields virtually no blue light, supporting healthy melatonin levels that tell our bodies it’s time for rest. The SleepLite features two LED colors: warm amber and white. To switch between colors, simply just tap the button at the base of the light. You can also dim the light on either color by tapping and holding the same button. Additionally, there’s no need to unplug the SleepLite during the day – the unique light‑sensing technology helps keep energy costs down by automatically turning on at dusk and off at dawn. The LED SleepLite conceals your entire outlet and comes in a sleek white finish. Enjoy fewer disruptions to your sleep cycle with a GE Amber/White LED Dimmable SleepLite.
Brand GE, SleepLite
Color White
UPC 030878399777
Night Lights Decor, Dimmable, Light Sensing, Manual, Plug-In