GE Enbrighten Outdoor 2-Head Motion-Sensing LED Security Light, White

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Keep your home shining bright with the GE Enbrighten Motion LED Security & Accent Light. Our security light offers a wide assortment of options to complement your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you need a high performing security light or an additional light to light up your outdoor space, we have you covered. While in accent mode your outdoor space will stay securely lit at 1000 lumens during your evening routines. Have your accent light come on at dusk and stay on for 3 hours or 6 hours, this is great for times you arrive home after dark or just need that extra light. Or if you prefer your light on all night long, you can choose our DUSK TO DAWN feature, having your accent light turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Whether your existing outdoor lighting is warm white, soft white, bright white or daylight our accent light allows you to match it. Don’t worry about being over whelmed by our super bright 2480 lumen security light when you are enjoying your evening accent light outside; the security feature of this light only comes on after your accent light has turned off. Use the motion-sensing light to detect activity outside your home at night by illuminating your driveway, garage, backyard and more. This light features a motion-detection area of 240° with a distance of up to 70 feet. While in security mode the light turns on as soon as it senses motion. When motion is no longer detected, the light will automatically turn off after the preset amount of time you selected. INSTALLATION is simple – the motion sensing LED light can be easily wired to any non-dimmable wall switch with its easy mount, quick connect system. Unlike many security lights, this light can be both wall and eave mounted. The multi-position, flexible heads can be maneuvered to cover both narrow and wide outdoor areas. This dual-purpose security light is tough, durable and WEATHER RESISTANT, it can stand up to the elements; rain, wind, sun and snow. It comes with our industry leading 15-YEAR WARRANTY
Brand GE, Enbrighten
Color White
UPC 030878409407
Security Lights Indoor, Outdoor, Battery Operated, Motion Sensing