At Jasco, a tremendous amount of care and consideration goes into providing our customers with the best possible products. Our commitment to serving others doesn't stop at checkout. We're using the power of every purchase of Jasco's brands* to change lives and help those in need by donating 50% of net profits from Jasco's brands* to causes that matter. 
Food, water, shelter, and disaster relief are often overlooked until they are in short supply and we’re blessed to have customers like you and charitable partners that make support of worthy causes possible. When you choose Jasco, you can now be a part of the solution to help people around the world by selecting a cause you care most about.

Your Purchase Saves Lives

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Your purchase supports people in
communities globally and locally.

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At checkout, select the humanitarian
cause you care about deeply.

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Your decisions today directly
impact lives tomorrow.

When you choose to shop with us, you join in supporting four major humanitarian causes. 
Scroll down to learn more about how you can help us make a difference.




Disaster Relief

We are passionate about making a greater impact on the lives of people in communities across the world by donating 50% of our net profits from Jasco's brands* to causes that matter.



Around the world, millions of people struggle for access to clean drinking water. Poor water and sanitation conditions in developing countries are linked to 80% of illnesses, which result in thousands of deaths every day. It’s a global crisis, but there is a solution. Through partnerships with dedicated organizations, your purchase can provide resources to access safe drinking water in struggling areas of the world.

When you choose Jasco, you’re also choosing a cause to support and that’s something to feel good about.



Hundreds of thousands of people go to bed hungry every night. As a problem strongly connected to poverty, hunger impacts men, women and children in every community around the world. It contributes to countless health issues and deaths each year. Thanks to groups of caring individuals, you can fuel the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition for those who would otherwise go without their next meals.

Join us and get involved by directing us to give support to a cause that matters most to you at checkout.



A reliable home is the base for a healthy life. When a community is made up of stable households, people thrive. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where an acceptable home isn't guaranteed. Your purchase can support the efforts of skilled groups committed to providing safe and comfortable shelter to deserving individuals and families.

We're all real people helping real people - one purchase at a time.

Disaster Relief


Natural disasters are unpredictable and devastating. Those impacted by severe weather, earthquakes and more are left without food, water, shelter, clothing and other basic needs. They often don’t know where to turn. In these dark moments, special organizations step up to lend a hand. You can help ensure they have assets necessary to rebuild their lives.

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With every order placed on our website, select the cause you wish to support with your purchase after checkout.