Jasco Patents and/or Patent Pending 

Description  Patent or Application Number 
Power Failure Night Light USD865233
Landscape Lights 29640772
Landscape Lights 29640778
Table Lamp 29712730
Desktop UCF 29739008
Table Lamp 17135851
Tethered Timer 17020909
Landscape Lghts 29756247
Night Light  USD938075
Table Lamp  17098489
Table Lamp 29738581
Timer 29748808
Light Fixture Base 29748455
Bathtub Overflow Lighting Device  17551259
Spindle Light 17402579
Spindle Light  29795858
Junction Box 17175622
Night Light Base 29741110
LED Light Bulb USD783186
Night Light  USD627919
Sconce  USD720092
Night Light USD772441
Night Light  USD772442
Lantern  USD803443
Table Top Lighting control USD784271
Timer  USD791620
Keypad USD768090
Lighting Control Module USD776057
Night Light   USD806915
Night Light  USD806282
Night Light USD821615
Night Light USD818155
Night Light USD837420
Door Sensor US10053898
Timer with Openable Switch Cover US10249455
Light with Integrated Cable Management US10746388
Table Top Light   USD924464
Power Switch 29657179
Power Switch 29657186
Tap with Night Light  29709328
Charging Device  USD937767
Electrical Plug 29783092
Power Plug  29783097
Surge Protector 29802531
Surge Protector 29817991
Charging Device  USD816608
Display Packaging USD849525
Antenna 29709300
Cable Grip 29735228
Antenna USD816069
Antenna Base USD834006
Remote Control USD892768
Remote Control USD894157
Remote Control USD934838
Power Receptacle 29783097
Wiring Device with Reverisble Line Load US10750599
Multiple Light Source Night Light 7455444
LED Night Light with Projection Feature 7832917
LED Night Light has Projection or Image Feature 7871192
LED Night Light with Projection Feature 8128274
LED Night Light with Projection Feature 7832917
LED Light has more than One Reflective Means 8277087
LED and/or Laser Light has more than one Optics Means 9719654