Dealerscope’s Whirlwind Tour Around CES 2017Dealerscope’s Whirlwind Tour Around CES 2017
Jasco markets several of its own brands and additionally licenses 10 well-known brands including GE, Energizer, Honeywell and Philips. At CES, Jasco’s Kearsten Howland, in the photo, shows off the GE Z-Wave Hinge-Pin Smart Door Sensor ($39.99), which slides over a door’s hinge pin and, through Z-Wave technology, wirelessly triggers scenes in the home, such as turning on a light when a door is opened – and notifying the homeowner of unauthorized activity when the owner is absent. A main focus for Jasco was to display an array of GE-branded Bluetooth Smart Controls - an ecosystem of interoperable connected home products that controls lights and small appliances around the home with no Wi-Fi or hub required. Bluetooth Smart Controls use CSR’s Smart mesh protocol to allow multiple devices to not only receive messages, but also repeat those messages to other devices; the more devices added, the stronger the mesh network and the greater the range of control.

Source: Dealerscope