GE Universal Remote Codes

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Step 1 arrow         Locate the model & version sticker.

Open the battery compartment, remove the batteries and locate the sticker containing the model number.

Battery compartment showing model number


Step 2 arrow         Identify the version.

Make a note of which version you have and replace the batteries and cover. A version 2 through version 4 remote will have a "V2" to "V4" after the model number. All other sticker configurations will be a Version 1 remote. The code lists are not interchangeable.

Version 1 remote code          Version 2 remote code
 This is a Version 1 Remote                                This is a Version 2 Remote


Step 3 arrow         Download the code list for your version.

GE Universal Remotes code Version 1 button GE Universal Remotes Code Version 2 button

GE Universal Remotes Code Version 3 buttonGE Universal Remotes code Version 4 button

GE Universal Remotes code Version 5 buttonGE Universal Remotes Code CL3 button

Note: If your remote was purchased before January 2006 Click Here for the 3-digit remote code list.


Step 4 arrow         Download the instructions for your version.

GE Universal Remotes Code instructions version oneGE Universal Remotes code instructions version two, three, and four


Finish arrow         Program your GE Universal Remote using the correct code list and instructions.

This archived list contains brand codes which may have been added since the purchase of your remote. Therefore, your remote may not operate all brands (or specific models within a brand) that are listed below.

This archived list contains more codes than what may appear on the list that came with the remote. This is to accommodate all remotes Jasco has manufactured in the past.

If the brand of your equipment is shown in this list, then starting with the first code, try each code for that brand until programming is successful.

Sometimes a code will allow limited function control (e.g. volume and channel control) but not other functions. In this case, continue programming using the next code number for that brand.