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We value our vendors and want to make your experience with Jasco a positive one. The Vendor Portal has been designed to help you with information you will need for your business with Jasco. This site contains helpful information like pre-shipping advice, help with booking freight and a convenient vendor shipping guide. These are all available for a quick download on our password-protected site and at your convenience. For additional information please contact Mary Morehead.

Vendor Compliance

Vendor Code of Conduct:

Vendor Shipping Guide:

Vendor Shipping Guide Mexico:

C-TPAT Vendor Shipping Guide Cover Letter:

W8 Form:

Instructions for Completing the W8 Form:

W9 Form:

Lacey Act Declaration:

Consumer Product Safety Commission Accredited Testing Labs:

Security C-TPAT Notice:

C-TPAT Security Cover Leter:

7 Point Container Inspection Check List:

7 Point Container Inspection Check Training:

7 Point Container Inspection Training Video:

C-TPAT - Seal and Container Door Security Video:

PAS ISO 17712 Seal Standards:

C-TPAT for Foreign Manufacturers:

C-TPAT for Foreign Manufacturers - Chinese Version:

C-TPAT Security Questionnaire:

Carton Markings:

Carton Marking Artwork - Jasco:

Carton Marking Artwork - French:

Bar Code Size Requirements:

Weekly Calendar:


OOCL Logistics Inc.:

Transport of Lithium Batteries:

Transport of Lithium Batteries continued:

Mexico Shipment Consolidator Contacts:

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